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Member since: June 3, 2007
Last visit: May 31, 2016
Name: Kaylie The Goddess! (Name Given By Sara Banana Face:D:D)
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Location: With Meggie,Nessa,Sara && Lana
Country: Australia
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category: Anything | May 1 | @389 | comments comments(1)

Ok Ppl I Just Want To Put Up A Blog With All Of My Accounts In It So You Kno That There My Accounts   xxPromisexx   lollipop-laydee   x-coconut-dount (Shared With Meggie)   Gangsta-Baby--x   x-imabiotch-x (Shared With Nessa)   Kaylah-licious   Lil-Miss-Hyper   Hypa-Lamb (Shared With Lil Miss Lamb)   x-BabyGirls-x (Shared With Lana)   Rawr---x (Newest ) Ok So Ppl   Rawr---x Will Be My Main Account Now I Probably Wont Be On This One Or The Others Much But I Will be On   Rawr---x Much Love,...


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08/04/11 @919
hyia chick howz u xxx :)
07/11/11 @802
love ya too !! <3
03/20/11 @127
Okay, I added you. :)
02/19/11 @750
Long time, no talk again. Hahaha. Yes, I have a Facebook, do you?
11/23/10 @241
Hey, sorry I haven't replied, I have not been on here for a long time. How are you? :)
10/15/10 @717
ohh I have no Facebook:)
and about MSN, yes I rarely online

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  Kaylie The Goddess! (Name Given By Sara Banana Face:D:D)

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My Best Friends:

 princessme My Best Friend
Megan OMG! u have been the best since day 1! u have alwayz been here 4 me & im so gr8ful!
U & I have done so many crazy things juz like busting the Fakes on this site! i have so enjoyed it! we have so much fun wit eachotha & we have one of the strongest friendships ever! Thankyou 4 juz being u! Remember u have ZAC POWER!! ZAC POWER iz awesome! & im glad i can tlk 2 u bout all dat!Haha! I alwayz love tlking 2 u & wen i dont tlk 2 u i get sad:( but i love tlking 2 ya! ur so kind 2 me! Im very glad i no u coz u have made me laugh so much! Ur very much My parter in crime & i hope we have heaps of fun in the future 2getha! I have no idea wat i would do wit out u, u have made me laugh & u have made me happy wen i waz sad! i alwayz love tlking 2 u coz u mean alot 2 me! Plz dont 4 get that im here 4 u & that i luv ya! Ur the kinda person i can tlk 2 bout anything & u wouldnt laugh or tell anyone else!!! i luv ya meg!!
Megan ur so gr8 thx 4 alwayz being here! We have had bad times well not really juz 1 time:( but im very glad that we worked that all out coz now here we r!! & im glad 2 no u!! Im very lucky 2 have u in my life coz hun ur gr8 ur perfect & i wouldnt change 1 thing bout u!!! Dont ever 4get that We r BFFL!!!!(Best Friends For Life!!! dats us Megan) & Im very proud 2 call u that!


 hyper-chika My Lil Miss Lamb
Sara Ur alwayz here 4 me & no matta wat happens ur alwayz here 4 me! bby u mean so much 2 me & i no that no one can replace u ever! i have been the best! i hope that u no how much u mean 2 me & how much i vaule our friendship! I hope u & i get 2 meet one day & that will be one of the happiest days of my life!
i love ya so much! Ur one of my best friends & that will never change i will never 4get u! because u never 4get ur true friends!<3!u deserve the finest things in life!i love you & i hope that we r best friends 4 lyfe!<3<3!
Sara Ima alwayz be here 4 u no matta wat, if u cry, i cry , if ur happy im happy, if u kill urself i kill myself! Plz never change coz ur perfect the way u r!
I LOVE YA!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!
 x-imabiotch-x My Gangsta Bitch/Bitch!
OMG! my gangsta bitch/bitch!
We have been through so much & even tho we have had some realli bad times we r still best friends! i hope u know that ur one on my best friends & i luv tlking 2 ya!!! u make me laugh so much! ur realli funny & ur juz so awesome!!!! we talk like everyday and i love it lol i have alot of fun juz talking 2 u about random things lol we have had a few fights but we have gotten through them:) nessa ya mean so much 2 me and i have no idea what i would do without u cause u r like my right arm lol we r like the most random dickheads when we r 2getha lol i love ya nessa Peace Out Bitch!! haha! <3
 XXRockstarXX My Fav. Gurl:)
This iz My fav gurl! She iz so funny! she iz kind & sweet & pretty:):) she iz very kind hearted, Brit iz my fav gurl! i love her 2 death! she iz alwayz here 4 me & wen i need someone 2 tlk 2 she iz there listening 2 me go on & on. & she Never tell me 2 shut up! haha she juz listens & helps me out! she iz so wonderful!! i have known her 4 such a long time!! & since that day she has been one of my best friends im so glad i have her!! I Love My Fav Gurl Brit!! xoxo / AM / i / UMG
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